“Go To Student” keeps communication between “educator” and “students” simple, clean and effective!

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One Communication Platform with Two Apps!
One App for Students. One App for Educators.
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The Student App

One App to receive all your academic communications from multiple educators like different tuition centres to schools or college classes. All in one app!

The Educator App

One App for Educators of all sizes – from a small tuition centre with few students to schools or colleges with more students. One app rules all sizes.

Effective Features, Effective Communication

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Send assignment to group of students. e-Submission soon!


Send attendance for all students from one page!


Send documents to group of students. Clean and clutter free!


Send simple or detailed grades, marks by student. Easy Excel upload!


Send message to group of students!


Send event with geo-Location map to group of students!


Send a snap in time, with a quick story to group of students!


Have a focused conversation on any communication!

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Stop Clutter.
Start Simple.

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If you need help with the app or if you are experiencing a difficulty, please visit FAQ. If you still can't find an answer, please send a message to: help@gotostudent.com

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